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Home Backup Generators

The Disadvantages of Being Without a Home Standby Generator

People never understand how frustrating and stressful it is to be without power until it happens. Prolonged power outages can happen anywhere and anytime for a variety of reasons. By not investing in a standby whole home generator installed by Gerger Electric you risk money, health, safety and possibly your home.

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Benefits of A Whole House Generator

Having a backup generator for your home offers several benefits, particularly in ensuring comfort, safety, and continuity during power outages.

Despite the initial investment, a backup generator can save money in the long term by avoiding costs associated with power outage impacts, like food spoilage and paying for temporary lodging.

A backup generator acts as a  critical safety net, providing reliability, comfort, and security in times of unexpected power outages.

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

    Always having a dependable power source gives you one less thing to worry about no matter what the weather forecast might hold.

  • Protect Perishable Goods & Food

    Keeping your freezers and refrigerators running is essential to not only keeping your food fresh but it helps protect your wallet too.

  • Continuity of Work & Communication

    Keeping your WiFi working is crucial to not only your safety but also your sanity. No one wants to almost be done with a project online just for the WiFi to go out.

  • Comfort & Safety

    By keeping all your appliances and comforts of home online during a power outage you can relax know that everyone is safe and sound inside your home.

How to Schedule Your Generator Installation

Getting your home a backup standby generator system has never been easier. All you need to do is give us a call or fill out our website’s contact form. One of our team members will reach out to set up a time for us to come over and get you ready to start defending your home from power outages.


Pro Consultation

Gerger Electric will come to your home to help you decide what generator is right for your home. Jeff and his team will go over everything that you can expect from start to finish.

Expert Installation

The team from Gerger will come to your home with everything they need to get your system up and running. Including teaching you how to use and monitor your backup power generator.

No More Worries

Power outages are now a thing of the past. You can rest comfortably knowing that whatever mother nature brings your way your home and family will be kept warm and safe with your new home standby generator.

Why Choose Us As Your Go-To Generator Provider

Jeff Gerger and his team understand that you don’t want to leave your home and family in the dark when the weather turns ugly. That’s why they promise to take care of your standby generator needs just like they  their own.

How does a backup generator work?

An automatic home standby generator is designed to provide backup power to your home in the event of a power outage. It operates automatically and is connected to your home’s electrical system. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how it works:

Home Generator Workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

Like any investment you will have some questions to ask. We have collected our most asked questions about whole home generators for you right here in our FAQ. If you can’t find the information you are looking for we encourage you to contact us to go over your options.

What types of home generators are available?

Customers can select standby generators to power an entire residence, and when the power goes out, the generator will kick on within 10 seconds. Customers can select portable generators to power important items in their residence. They would have to manually start the generator, plug it into the inlet outlet, turn it on, and select the circuits they deem important to run.

What size generator do I need for my home?

Generators come in variable sizes, and it depends on the power draw that their home takes. Many factors like gas or electric appliances will make a big difference on the generator size. 

Do I need a permit to install a home generator?

Permits should always be utilized for a generator install, and coordination with the local utility company.

Is professional installation necessary?

A licensed electrician is very important, and wrongly installed generators can cause major issues in the homes power system, and also backfeeding back into the electrical grid and injuring a power worker.

How long does the installation process take?

Portable generator hookups can typically be done in a few hours, where standby generators usually take 1-2 days depending on the system layout and any time constraints.

Can a generator be integrated with my existing electrical system?

Most of the time a generator can be integrated into the existing electrical system, but there are many key factors that we look out for such as old, unsafe electrical panels or anything of that nature.

What brands and models of generators do you recommend?

We install Generac standby generators

Do you offer warranty and support services for installed generators?

We offer a lifetime labor warranty, and follow generacs warranty for parts. A service contract is available for yearly maintenance on your newly installed Generac.

Can I power my entire home with a generator during an outage?

A standby generator can be properly sized to power your whole home without any thought of only running necessary circuits. A portable generator typically cannot run an entire home, and is only focused to run priority circuits.

Is it possible to monitor and control the generator remotely?

Yes, generators can be connected via Wi-Fi and give you an up to the minute update of what it is doing. 

What is the lifespan of a typical home generator?

A typical standby generator will last 10-15 years. Maintenance will highly affect that lifespan, which is why we offer yearly maintenance contracts.

How do I schedule regular maintenance for my generator?

To schedule a regular maintenance appointment with us, contact us at 610-393-3389

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