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Whole House Surge Protectors

Protection Against Power Surges

Did you know you can protect all of your home's devices and appliances with a whole house surge protector? Protect and prolong the life of your home's valuable electronics today by contacting Gerger Electric to get your surge protector installed!

The Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection Installation

If you are wondering if having a SPD is worth the cost of hiring Gerger Electric to install one, think of it this way. Installation will cost less than $1000, but a power surge normally will damage multiple appliances and devices. 

While most homeowner insurance plans will cover the cost of the damage to personal property, it can’t recover things like lost files or pictures on a computer or phone. You also will most likely have to pay an out of pocket deductible, usually around $1000. 

By investing in a whole home surge protection  you are spending a little more now to potentially save even more later, as well as getting some peace of mind.

  1. Protect expensive devices and appliances from catastrophic damage due.
  2. Helps prevent large home appliances from causing internal power surges.
  3. Can help stop the loss of pictures and data stored on local devices like laptops, tablets and desktop computers.
  4. Lower the risk of having to file an insurance claim and paying a high deductible.  


What can cause a power surge?

Most people will guess that a power surge is going to be caused by something like a blackout or a thunderstorm. While a lightning strike near or directly on a home can cause a power surge this isn’t normally the cause.

The cause is already in your home, your large appliances. Bigger appliances that have large motors or compressors need more power to run, especially when they start up. Everytime you hear your refrigerator running, that means your fridge’s compressor is winding up and drawing more energy from your system. This can cause sudden voltage spikes that can cause a power surge. When you hear that compressor kick off that can disrupt the flow of current inside your home too!

The risk is even higher if you have older appliances. Wires get old and motors get worn out. That means they need even more power to run, increasing the risk of causing a short that can also cause a power surge. 


Surge Protectors Offer Protection of your Electronics and Appliances

Depending on what you have in your home you may want to consider getting a power surge protector installed. Some of the the things to consider are the following:

  • How many large appliances do you have: If you own a home you probably have a number of larger appliances installed such as dishwashers, washers and dryers. These can cause internal power surges without warning.
  • The age of your appliances: If your appliances are older they may still work great but they probably use more power than newer models. You can help protect your home and prolong the life of your appliances even more with a surge protector.
  • Food Storage – if you rely on freezers to store large amounts of food then you should consider protecting your frozen groceries.
  • Well Pumps – if you have a home that gets water from a well you have a well pump. If your home experiences a power surge you could be without running fresh water until a plumber or local well driller can come install a new one. And you may have to wait until the electrician says it’s ok to power it on.
  • Working from Home – Since COVID the amount of people who work from home has increased exponentially. Even with cloud backups for your data a power surge can put you out of commission by frying computers, chargers, phones, routers and modems. If you aren’t close to your office this could result in loss of productivity or having to rent an office until repairs are made and devices replaced.


How do Surge Protectors Work?

A whole home surge protector is a device installed alongside your home’s panel box. The surge protector, or SPD, works like a gatekeeper for your home’s electrical system. The gatekeeper makes sure that only a safe amount of voltage is passed through. 

If the surge protector detects an electrical current that is too high it will reroute the excess voltage to a ground wire to safely divert the power away from your home’s appliances and other electronic devices.


Are SPD’s 100% Guaranteed to Work?

While a whole home surge protector is highly effective at stopping a power surge, they are not 100%. Sometimes a surge can have so much energy that it will overload the SPD. This can be caused by lightning striking a home or a line that comes directly into a home. 

You can increase your home surge protection by installing power strip surge protectors. These are not the same as simple power strips, they cost a little bit more. Some surge protection devices offer the ability to be reset, replace a fuse and some need to be replaced after a surge.

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